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Audience response system rental

Using simple handsets, audience response systems add up the audience and instantly display the group results. The fact that everybody in the audience is given a personal handset is a key factor in terms of motivation and concentration. This makes participants feel both valued and involved - and ready to give opinions.

NUNTIO Audio-Video Solutions, the specialist for audio visual hire, conference systems and interpretation systems hire in Vienna offers complete rental packages that include all wireless voting equipment and one or more technicians.

Audience feedback system - How it works

An audience feedback system allows live interaction between an audience of any size and their host through the use of wireless handheld keypads, sometimes referred to as voting handsets, clickers or voting buttons.

Each person in the audience is issued a wireless voting keypad with which voting selections can be made. Each voting pad communicates wirelessly with a voting computer. When the participants have answered and the voting has closed the aggregated data/results can be instantly displayed 'on the main screen' (usually via a data projector or plasma screens) for immediate analysis and discussion.

Applications for audience response system

The applications listed here are a small sampling of areas where audience respionse systems are used: 

  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Motivational events
  • Staff Conferences
  • Team building
  • Quizzes
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Motivational Events
  • Staff Training
  • Council Voting
  • AGM's & Elections

Utilise a response system at your event

Use an audience response system when you want to: 

  • Share information with a group, and establish that it has been understood
  • Perform case study's, Training, workshops, evaluations & product launches
  • Promote discussion, create a challenge and involve a group with each other
  • Gain information from a group quickly and accurately
  • Develop ideas with a group, promote involvement and "Q & A"
  • Count votes with speed and accuracy and present the results instantaneously

NUNTIO AV equipment hire price list

Our AV equipment hire price list gives a detailed overview of our equipment. If you cannot find the product you are specifically looking for, please contact us, since we continuously expand our product range.     

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Audience response systems, voting systems hire in Vienna, Austria, Europe and internationally

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