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Screens and displays sale

Professional displays for perfect communication – especially in business professional display solutions are decisive. Different information, addressees and locations require an appropriate output device. The range of screens and displays is very wide and technology is constantly developing. 

Media and conference room technology specialist NUNTIO Audio-Video Solutions assists you in choosing the right display, planning of the implementation and assists you in realizing your tailor-made display solution. Additionally we provide you with any Displays accessories and auxiliary devices, e.g. mounts, display boards, speakers, touchscreen overlays, etc. 

Benefit from our nonbinding advisory service. As provider of displays and monitors we are at your service in Vienna and anywhere in Austria. We are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our many satisfied customers.  

Professional displays for professional purposes

NUNTIO covers a wide spectrum of different display models, sizes and technologies especially concerning LED, LCD, Plasma and OLED displays.

Additionally NUNTIO provides you with comprehensive know-how concerning specific requirements, e.g.

  • Digital signage 
  • Touch monitor-solutions
  • Professional public display
  • Monitors for presentations and conference rooms
  • Displays for video conference systems
  • Multiscreen-systems
  • Outdoor displays

Displays, screens, monitors sale – in Vienna and all over Austria

You need displays or monitors and you are not in Vienna? NUNTIO is your provider for professional displays and large format displays and conference room technology - we are there for you in Vienna and everywhere in Austria. 

Displays – service, planning, system integration, sale – NUNTIO is the right partner for you!

Comprehensive advisory services and individual solutions is of highest priority for us. From choosing the right display, detailed planning and system integration to implementation - benefit from our know-how. NUNTIO, your provider of media, presentation and conference room technology is at your service at any time.