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Interpreting booth rental in Vienna, Austria and Europe

Being a full-service provider and one of Austria' leading supplier for interpretation systems hire, NUNTIO Audio-Video Solutions has a wide range of translation and interpreting equipment and assists you in finding the right solution.

We are based in Austria, near Vienna and operate all over Europe. Provide us with the details for your event and we submit youa detailed price offer based on your requirements. We are available 24 hours a day via our 24 hours hotline +43 1 68 98 177.  

Interpreting booth 

An interpreting booth is part of an interpretation system and should comply with the ISO standard 4043.

NUNTIO's mobile interpreting booths....

  • are top sound proof comply with ISO standard 4043 for mobile interpretation systems
  • are made for 2 interpretershave glass fronts and side windows enabling interpreters to get all visual information they need
  • integrate elegantly and neutrally due to their grey colour
  • provide enough space for interpreters to be able to use their laptops or spread the necessary documents, have non glare lighting and efficient and quiet ventilation
  • are easy to transport
  • are quickly installed 

Practical guide - interpreter booth

We have a "360 degree service approach", providing our customers with the best service available. Enclosed please find a summary of frequently asked questions concerning interpreter booth. For further questions or a detailed offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. The team of NUNTIO is available at any time via our 24 hours hotline + 43(0)1/68 98 177.

How many interpreting booths do I need?

Basically you need as many booths as you want languages to be interpreted into (target language). If the language of your conference is e.g. English and you want it to be interpreted into two languages, then you need two booths.

How much space do I need for an interpreting booth?

You need 2x2m for an interpreting booth, the opening of the door takes up about an additional 0,5m. The door can be installed either at one of the lateral sides of the booth or on the back. Next to the booth you need about 80x80cm for the interpretation system.

Position of an interpreting booth in the room

Between the interpreting booth and the last row of chairsyou need about 1m space. It is very important that the interpreters in the booth are able to see the speaker(s) and the stage. The interpreting booths can also be installed outside of the room, i.e. there needs to be a live broadcasting of the conference, etc. via a camera in the room and screens in the booths.

Installation of an interpreting booth

An interpreting system with 1 or 2 interpreting booths is installed in about two hours depending on the accessibility of the room(s) (lift/elevator, access possibility, parking possibility). Every additional interpreting booth needs anadditional hour.

NUNTIO AV equipment hire price list

Our AV equipment hire price list gives a detailed overview of our equipment. If you cannot find the product you are specifically looking for, please contact us, since we continuously expand our product range.     

Download NUNTIO AV equipment hire price list in pdf format

Business event, conference, gala dinner or roadshow/fair/exhibition – our know-how and our years of experience in the business on a national and an international level, as well as our comprehensive range of services make NUNTIO a competent partner for all your events in Vienna, Austria and all over Europe.

Interpretation equipment and interpreting booth hire in Vienna, Austria and internationally

You need simultaneous interpretation and translation equipment for your conference or event and your are not in Vienna? NUNTIO is your provider for professional conference and interpretation systems and AV rentals - we are there for you in Vienna and everywhere in Austria, as well as in Europe and around the globe.

Conference systems and interpreting booth hire – NUNTIO is the right partner for you

Several thousand successfully equipped and serviced events, conferences and corporate events guarantee that you will be provided with the best service available. Our 24h hotline +43 1 68 98 177 is open for you 7 days a week all year round. Please get in contact with us at any time. We are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our many satisfied customers.