• Sale of projector accessories, lenses, lamps, brackets, lifts, tables, Austria

Projector accessories and auxiliary devices

You are looking for auxiliary devices or accessoiries for your projector? As a specialist in media and conference room technology NUNTIO Audio-Video Solutions provides you not only with beamers and projectors, but also with appropriate auxiliary devices, e.g.

  • Projector lenses
  • Projector lamps
  • Ceiling finish kits
  • Ceiling mount brackets
  • Projector Lifts
  • Projector tables
  • Environmental exhaust kits

Projector accessoires sale – in Vienna and all over Austria

You need projector accessoires or a projection system and you are not in Vienna? NUNTIO is your provider for projectors and conference room technology - we are there for you in Vienna and everywhere in Austria. 

Advisory service, planning, system integration, sale – NUNTIO is the right partner for you!

Comprehensive advisory services and individual solutions is of highest priority for us. From choosing the right projector, detailed planning and system integration to implementation - benefit from our know-how. NUNTIO, your provider of media, presentation and conference room technology is at your service at any time.