• Projector lenses hire in Vienna and Austria, zoom lens, wide angle lenses rental

Projector lenses hire in Vienna, Austria and all over Europe

NUNTIO Audio-Video Solutions is based in Austria, in the south of Vienna and is one of the market leaders in AV technology in Austria. We provide you with a wide range of different interchangeable projector lenses. Get in contact with us – we are available at any time and operate all over Europe.

Interchangeable lenses make projectors flexible and high-quality projectors with interchangeable lens function make them adjustable to any environment and type of projection (front or rear projection). In addition to projector lenses with fixed focal length we also provide you with zoom lenses.


Series         Ratio                          Type                      Manufacturer
XPW32 0,8:1Wide angle lensSanyo/Christie
XPW34 0,8:1Wide angle lensSanyo/Christie
XPW31 1,3 - 1,8:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XPS30 1,8 - 2,35:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XPT31 2,35 - 4,25:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XPT32 4,2 - 6,0:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie



Series         Ratio                          Type                      Manufacturer
ZMW21 0,8:1Wide angle lensSanyo/Christie
ELW 20 1,3 - 1,7:1Zoom lensPanasonic
ZMS20 1,7 - 2,8:1Zoom lensSanyo/Panasonic
ZMT20 2,8 - 4,6:1Zoom lensSanyo/Panasonic
ZMT21 4,6 - 7,2:1Zoom lensSanyo/Panasonic



Series         Ratio                          Type                      Manufacturer
CLMHD8 0,85:1Wide angle lensSanyo/Christie
CLMHD8 1,5 - 2,2:1Zoom lensBarco
CLMHD8 2,2 - 4,4:1Zoom lensBarco
CLMHD8 4,4 - 7,0:1Zoom-ObjektivBarco



Series         Ratio                          Type                      Manufacturer
XFW03 0,8:1Wide angle lensSanyo/Christie
XFW01 1,2:1Wide angle lensSanyo/Christie
XFW06 1,2 - 1,5:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFW02Z 1,3 - 1,8:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFW02 1,4 - 1,8:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFS02 2,0 - 2,6:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFS03 2,6 - 3,5:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFM01 3,5 - 4,6:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFT02 4,6 - 6,0:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFT03 6,2 - 9,0:1Zoom lensSanyo/Christie
XFT01 6,9:1Long Throw Lens Sanyo/Christie



NUNTIO AV equipment hire price list

Our AV equipment hire price list gives a detailed overview of our equipment. If you cannot find the product you are specifically looking for, please contact us, since we continuously expand our product range.     

Download NUNTIO AV equipment hire price list in pdf format

Business event, conference, gala dinner or roadshow/fair/exhibition – our know-how and our years of experience in the business on a national and an international level, as well as our comprehensive range of services make NUNTIO a competent partner for all your events in Vienna, Austria and all over Europe.

Projector lenses hire in Vienna, Austria, Europe and internationally

You need a projector lens and your are not in Vienna? NUNTIO is your provider for professional visual equipment and projector lenses – we are there for you in Vienna and everywhere in Austria, as well as in Europe and around the globe. 

Projector lenses rental – NUNTIO is the right partner for you

Several thousand successfully equipped and serviced events, conferences and corporate events guarantee that you will be provided with the best service available. Our 24h hotline +43 1 68 98 177 is open for you 7 days a week all year round. Please get in contact with us at any time. We are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our many satisfied customers. 

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