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Hybrid events & Streaming

The digitization of events opens up many possibilities to raise real events to a new level. We combine the best of both worlds. As one of the leading event technology companies in Austria, we have state of the art equipment and many years of experience in the implementation of hybrid events and digital events.

Hybrid events

Hybrid events are events that are supplemented with digital components - a mixture of the real and digital world, so to speak. A part of the event takes place conventionally "live" at a physical location. At the same time, this event will be followed online via streaming. In other words, a hybrid event is an event that can be attended both physically live and virtually.

Even if there is only a small number of spectators on site, the visual element, namely the location where the event takes place and the event technology used, are of central importance for the success of a hybrid event. Particular attention should be paid to the correct camera technology, sound technology, stage and, above all, lighting technology. In addition, a stable and efficient Internet is essential.

We support you with virtual concepts, interactive tools and dramaturgical means. Above all, however, we support you with our many years of experience and ensure an all-round successful, digital live experience.

Live streaming, streaming on demand, streaming with chat

The term streaming refers to data transmission in which the transmitted data can be listened to or viewed during the transfer. In connection with a live event, the event can be followed live in real time via the Internet. In the case of streaming "on demand", the event and its content can also be accessed on the Internet after the event. There are a variety of design options, including interactive streaming with chat.

Your benefit

We are your reliable and experienced partner and support you to digitize the following events:

  • Conferences
  • Product presentations
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Training events and webinars

and much more.

Please get in contact with us at any time. 
We are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our many satisfied customers.